(((Sonorama))) Podcast: Latin Psychedelia, Past & Present

Sonorama-Jan-2014-Podcast-ImageresizeHello sonoramicos! Hope your year is off to a killer start, we’ve gotten ourselves into the studio to record our first podcast of 2014. In this edition we look at  the current vogue in psychedelic tendencies that has permeated some Latin contemporary sounds. Bands like Los Pirañas (Colombia), La Mecanica Popular (Brooklyn), among others are tapping into older modes of production and technology at times, and revisiting the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s and reinterpreting them for the 21st century. Here are some recent grooves that have sparked our interest in this field alongside  some vintage sounds from some known and lesser  known bands from the era to put things into a little perspective. Disfruta la musica!



Conjunto Papa Upa–Camuri Chico (Holland 2013)
B-side from the 2013 release by Amsterdam’s Music with Soul records, Alex Figueira working with percussionist Venezuelan Baldomero Verdú fuses Afro-Venezuelan drumming with psychedelic influence from  70’s Peru for this fierce instrumental for today’s tropical dancefloors.



Los Zheros–Para Chachita (Peru 1971)

Grupo Abharca (Aberlardo Carbono)–Shalcarri (Colombia 1978)

Colombian guitar virtuoso who adopted numerous imported African and Carribean influences from Colombia’s Pacific coastal region. Releasing only a handful of releases in the early 80’s  he is a father of champeta music and had remained largely obscure, still living in Colombia working for years in a security police force, undiscovered until recent interest in Afro-Colombian by the UK and djs.

Los Mirlos–Cabalgando con ella (Peru 1975)


Meridian Brothers–Juego Traicion (Colombia 2012)

B-side from their Soundway 45 ‘Niebla Morada’release finds Ebliz Alvarez’ left field group taking on a hyperspeed cumbion together with 8-bit video game sounding riffs and it’s  cumbia rhythm section propelling the track on course around a wacky lyric.



Shock!–I am Blind (Spain 1970)

Madrid psych rock quintet recorded a lone full length in 1970 though was never released due to label mishandling and other delays, eventually it was shelved. Finally in 2012 Spain’s Guerssen records with the help of Jose Luis Gordo have reissued this prog-pych gem that had never been heard before.


Fusioon–No hay habitacion (Spain 1972)

Los Ten Tops–Margarina (Spain)


Traffic Sound–Simple (Peru  1969)

Capa Gilberto Gil 1971

Gilberto Gil–One o’clock last morning April 20th, 1970 (Brazil/UK 1970)

Forced to leave their native Brazil by a repressive military regime at the end of 1969. Gilberto Gil along with friend and tropicalista ,Caetano Veloso, remained in exile in London for two years soaking in Britain’s counterculture scene alongside discovering London’s rich Jamaican community. They both recorded a pair of mainly English sung self-titled releases primarily in sparse acoustic settings singing about their estrangement away from their homeland and native Bahia.


Boogarins–Lucifernadis (Brazil 2013)


Dos Santos Antibeat Orchestra–La barranca de la cobra (Chicago/USA 2012)