Rocking out with Roberto Carlos

“Se Voce Pensa”

“Ninguem vai tirar voce de mim”

“Nao ha dineiro que pague”

Growing up my memories of Roberto Carlos were listening to him along with a batch of  romantic male singers like Camilo Sesto and Emmanuel from my parent’s modest record collection, but those were the 80’s, little did I know that Carlos by then had not only made a successful crossover into the Spanish market but globally as well,even singing in French and Italian. Prior to this Roberto had already established a career that began in the early sixties and seventies in Brazil composing a number of pop hits in his native Portuguese with the help of a fellow friend Manuel Morais and his half brother Erasmo Carlos. With a strong  interest in American rock n roll that included Elvis, Roberto developed  his own take on rock music, a mix between a slow soulful serious groove and at times cranking out some pretty sick fuzzed out garage rock.

Maluca Beleza recently released a compilation titled  Jovem Guarda Golpe FinalBeatfreak & Soul Psych Brasileiro that features three tracks by Roberto Carlos that really turned me on again to his music. So given Sonorama hasn’t  really covered anything Brazilian lately I thought it would be a good chance to revisit Brasil. Here are three cuts from Roberto Carlos’ 1968 outing O Inimitavel.

First up is “Se Voce Pensa” the track that originally led to buy the album in the first place  and a song I first came to by a version by Gal Costa  made for her,also great, self-titled debut from 1969. (A fellow blogger,Soul Spectrum, has a nice post about the song along with a little survey of other Brazilian artists that have covered the tune as well.) The other two songs are little discoveries I’ve made that are just as tasty, “Ninguem vai tirar voce de mim” has a really sweet slow groove with some nice soulful vox from Roberto and a glockenspiel melody towards the close of the track. Lastly a little suprise to me was finding this great groover  “Nao ha dineiro que pague”  on the flip side with some great horn arrangements and a tight funk bassline. Enjoy. EB